Savouré Soda

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Savouré soda is a homemade sparkling taste sensation in a glass – or for lack of a better word, soda. Here’s how it works: they take seasonal local fruit, infuse it with fresh herbs, mix in natural sweeteners, add some bubbles then put it in your hand.
Rhubarb Pink Peppercorn

A tart and layered taste of spring. Rhubarb and peppercorn on the nose, hibiscus and honey on the tongue

Black Currant
Deep, smooth, and saturated in both color and flavour. Piney notes wrapped up in lush berry richness.
Peach Yuzu Geranium
Citrusy and floral, rounded and grounded by a fresh peachy finish. The darling of sodas, it is the crowd favorite.

Raspberry Elderflower
Raspberry-Elderflower! The main ingredients for this one are grown by our favorite organic integrated farm in Jeffersonville, Vermont, The Farm Between. Electric pink and exploding with flavour, is a bright and positively gorgeous ode to sunshine. Very fruity and floral, it is definitely the prettiest soda we make.