Campfire Box

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Gather round the campfire with this thoughtfully curated box that ensures your s’mores making experience is bug free with citronella incense and bug off salve.

Nomadic Kitchen | Burlington, VT 
presents small-batch handcrafted marshmallows. Toasty Vanilla Marshmallows ~extra floofy and with an unexpected warmth that makes these vanilla marshmallows anything but “vanilla.” 2 packs-10 marshmallows, 3.5oz

Lake Champlain Chocolates | Burlington, VT
Organic, Kosher, Vegan, Dark Chocolate-72% cocoa bar. 2-3oz bars

Lake Champlain Chocolates | Burlington, VT
Organic, Kosher, Milk Chocolate-38% cocoa bar. 2-3oz bars

Effie’s Homemade | Hyde Park, MA
Effie’s Oatcakes are lightly sweet, classic tea biscuits, crisp and buttery with layers of toasted oats and a hint of salt. They will transform your s’more into something you have never tasted before. 2-7.2oz boxes

Bee Love Herbals | Craftsbury, VT
Bug Off! Salve is a natural alternative to toxic bug sprays. Lavender and tulsi protect you from pesky bugs. The blend of essential oils are pleasant to us but annoy the biters. 2oz